Sunday, April 8, 2012

Special friends...

This week I got the pleasure of a girls night out with Vonnie Taylor, Rhonda Rendahl Ray, Jean Blue, and Chrissey Blue. Rhonda, Vonnie, and I went to dinner at La Casa Cuevas in Anderson, and then the three of us went to see Jean. Chrissey came and joined us all. What a great evening!!! It was my first girls night out here and I hope there's many many more to come. 

This is myself, Vonnie, and Rhonda at dinner. Vonnie took a photo of us with her new Ipad, and was learning to use it.(Thus the 'look'. haha)

This is the five of us. Rhonda, myself, Jean, Chrissey, and Vonnie. The whole gang! hehe

Just a few thoughts to add...

All my friends here from long ago have made my life so much more complete. With the loss of many friends due to time and circumstances at 28 years old, in a way I had lost my identity. But now the pieces are coming back together in a way I never dreamed possible. Life is good, and it feels so incredible.

I love each and every one of you who have come back into my life. You're all precious and I hope we all grow old together.

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